Making Smart Choices

​​If you make smart choices with your diet it can help you to reach your goal more quickly. Below you will find a quick-reference guide for each meal and a couple of suggested smart choices.
What should I eat for breakfast?
Choose from:
Full-fat/Whole milk
Fruit (berries, grapes, apple)
Eggs (scrambled, poached, omelette)
Peanut butter
Full-fat Greek yoghurt
If you need something sweet, add honey
Smoked salmon
Vegetables (mushrooms, onion, spinach)
Smoothie (made from milk, fruit, peanut butter)

Smart choices:
Switch eggs & toast for an omelette
Switch cereal for Greek yoghurt and fruit
Switch bananas and other tropical fruit for berries, grapes or apples 
Switch low-fat milk for full-fat milk because there is less sugar in full-fat milk

What should I eat for lunch?
Choose from:
Salad (no bread) + chicken, steak, prawns, tofu, fish
Salad dressing - choose oil & vinegar, mayonnaise, soured cream (avoid salad cream and other pre-made dressings)
Soup (no bread, no rice, avoid potato soup, ok to add cheese)
Burrito bowl (no wrap, no rice, cheese ok)
Chicken & Vegetables

Smart choices:
Switch a sandwich for a salad (twice the size, but skip the bread!)
Switch a burrito for a burrito in a bowl (skip the wrap)
Cut back on bread, potatoes, pasta, rice as these foods will cause your insulin level to spike

What should I eat for dinner?
Choose from:
Any meat, fish or other protein + vegetables is good
Cut back on pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, fries
If you get hungry have a bowl of soup before your main meal
Avoid dessert - if you are looking for something sweet eat fruit and double cream, or dark chocolate with 80% or more cocoa

Smart choices:
​Switch shop-bought ketchup for home-made
Switch alcohol for sparkling water
Switch white potatoes for a sweet potato

What should I snack on?
Choose from:
Peanuts, pistachios, cashews, almonds 
Greek yoghurt
Fruit (be more careful with tropical fruit)
Dark chocolate with 80% or more cocoa
Glass of full-fat milk
Carrots + homemade blue cheese dip (soured cream + blue cheese)
Soup (avoid potato soup)
Peanut butter + carrots, celery or apple slices

​​Try to cut back on the following:

Milk chocolate
Ice cream
Fizzy drinks
Cereal bars
Hot chocolate

If you can't find something on the list, drop us an email and we can provide more information

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